undercast is a full-service graphic design agency offering print and web solutions with a primary focus on innovative design, quality and customer satisfaction. Our main goal is to understand the individuality of our clients and to create unique solutions tailored to their needs. Undercast stands for a no-nonsense approach: as a client you'll have only one contact and be directly involved with your project. Without the many intermediaries we can give you cost reducing offers. The Belgian Institue of Transportation Organisers (BITO) is a research and expertise centre for transportation organisers in Belgium. Their goal is to contribute to policies with regards to transportation, and the competitiveness of that sector. We gave the website a user-friendly CMS with several tailor-made modules, making large amounts of information readily available with ease.
undercast produced four extensive catalogues for Serax, showcasing their full range of interior decoration products. These hard-bound catalogues are the result of a lengthy development. Starting with an automatic workflow from the Serax data base to the art direction of the foto shoots, these fine catalogues are characterised by their clean design and detailed finish. We were contacted by "on the record" to create a house style for AXXON the national professional organization representing physical therapists in Belgium. Their goal is to unite the physical therapists and to foster advancements in physical therapy practice and research.
Anima eterna: The Fall 2009 Brochure of Anima Eterna gives the reader a review of the musical performances which they will be playing this winter. The cover highlights on the Anima Eterna Logo, which has recently changed to Anima Eterna Brugge. The subtle details, like choice of paper and typography intensify the visual simplicity and transparancy that defines this brochure. Foodcareplus provides worldwide the transportation and logistic services for food-distribution which requires special handling for storage and transport.
For the first time undercast sent a direct mailing consisting of a mini container which was delivered to the target group with the outmost care and attention.
This mailing was also an invitation for the trade fair “Potato Europe” and an announcement for the new website. The website including “consumer friendly” cms-system with graphical interface is available in 8 languages including a Japanese and Chinese version. http://www.foodcareplus.com
RWO: Last spring the Flemish Parliament approved two important decrees concerning Residential Policy and National Heritage.
To explain these new regulations fast and efficiently to the public, un'dercast designed in collaboration with PRP 2 brochures and a newsletter with matching housestyle; which are easily adaptable for any form of communication. Branches and Leaves designs a range of very different video productions for various applications and clients. The website gives you an example of the work Yve Van der Donck and Toon Saerens made through the years of collaboration. The dynamic structure of the website refers to the moving images of their movie reels. http://www.branchesandleaves.be
vzw de Rand links 7 cultural departments near Brussels. This organisation asked us to create a Campaign image for the new season of 2009-2010. The chain with seven coloured circles (referring to the 7 departments) is a repetitive graphic element, which later on will be used in several other media. A strong / powerful picture in the background is placed on the cover
A little red book, filled with the story about Aline Vandeplas and her wonderful jewels. In the book Aline tells you about her love for jewellery, her creative way of thinking and her designs. We helped her by putting her story in a nice, appealing book with a nostalgic touch. We put the pictures in a nice envelope at the back so you, as her reader can finish the book by sticking the pictures on the right page. So get ‘Gold-up’ by Aline Vandeplas. of the brand new seasonal bochure.
Fotofestival Knokke-Heist
Knokke Heist requested the aid of undercast to develop a campaign for the foto and videofestival. Knokke Heist will be the stage for national as well
international renowned artists and curators
Undercast has developed two new websites for the creative couple Liz and Dirk. The sites of Gold and Zorra focus on the original and refreshingly colourful collections for babies, infants and young children.
Sven Dumelie - photographer, reflexes upon the phenomena of every day's lives in Africa. Always on the look for unique moments or situations, we made him a portfolio website he could easily update from wherever his camera leads him. http://www.dumeliesven.com
We have created a new flash site for Etoile Mecanique, a group of very talented product designers based in Antwerp. They created Wim Delvoye's Cloaca (shit) machine and his gothic bobcat. They try to find technical solutions for wonderful ("crazy") concepts and ideas. http://www.etoilemecanique.com
GG Crane Group asked us to develop an informative mini-site - targeting potential investors - with a custom made 3D animation of the 'Tower Crane of the 21st Century' at work. http://www.ggcrane.com/movie.htm We have created a small flash site for the Durga Filmfestival, it will take place at the end of the summer, from August 31st till September 2nd. This Festival originates from a unique cooperation between two important cultural institutions in Belgium, Flanders: the world Filmfestival Open Doek in Turnhout near Antwerp, and the theatre De Roma in the heart of Antwerp. SERAX is synonymous with a distinctly rebellious view of trends. In close cooperation with florists and home decoration shops they bring out two new collections every year. Beside the new website, we created a total new visual communication for this company. We have created a new design for the Canvas website incl. updateable flash navigation, timeline and homepage. The result is an original and more user friendly website that represents Canvas in all its aspects. We designed a new classy but still seductive flash site for Femina Lingerie. The collection pages can be maintained and updated easily by the client using our powerful online CMS system. De8 for which we already created a new house style, asked us to develop a website to help promote and supply information about their organisation. The site can be maintained and updated easily by the client thanx to our user friendly CMS system. We chose a design that fits the stern design of the jewel creations of Bernard Claerhout. We like to tailor our design to the client. This results in a very well-balanced website. The Children fashion collection of Anne Kurris needed something colourful, an inviting aspect for children and an artistic statement. That is why we opted for a lot of colours and flash applications. We designed an unusual website for the Erotische Verbeelding, our clients wanted a classy and seductive website. So we created a classy sexual design that is kindly disposed to women and accessible for everyone. We created this website in cooperation with JMCC. The website contains flash and the newspages are updatable. We designed an updateable website for HeadQuarters Magazine, a niche publication for European association executives. We opted for a very strict and formal design that suited our client. Our client uses Expresso to send newsletters. Inca is a client that creates children's furniture, so it was quite important to integrate the role of the child in the website. We used a very colourful and playful approach for the design of the website. Basile is a children's store situated near the Belgian coast. We created a website in one colour and used pictures which were delivered by our client. Our client uses Expresso to send newsletters. Ronald Van Der Hilst is a landscape architect and opted for a very artistic and sober approach. We utilised dark colours in the background to emphasize his work. We have created a flash site for Ottimo, a fashion store where you can find the latest fashion statements from Belgium and abroad. The website contains flash video and a virtual tour takes you through the store. 3Pees is a production house that needed a website that you can easily update. So we created an updatable website that you can alter at any moment. Open Doek needed a website that you can alter and manage easily. So we proposed an easily updatable website in combination with an Expresso (=an application that allows to send and manage newsletters) Executive Car Lease and Renting uses an updatable website so they can alter the content on their website. They can for example publish more cars on the internet without any help from us or anyone else. We provide a user friendly solution so our client can update and change the website easily. ECLR uses Expresso to send newsletters. We have created a flash website with an updateable "References" section for Cicos (= Corporate Integrated COmmunication Strategy). We opted for a strict and sober design to emphasize the content. Deepfocus focuses on audiovisual communication. We created a website with a black background so the attention is kept on the primar goal, the demo's (Flash video and streaming Quicktime movies). The colour red is the stereotype red thread that you can find throughout the website. Vintageforkids is again a website for kids so we opted for a very open and colourful approach. The look and feel for this website is tuned to the interest of children. We created the look and feel for Viasat. We visualised the tracking technique in images and used flash to create a very active and visual website. Sat4cars offers anti car jacking solutions to the public and we visualised this procedure of how your car will be protected or tracked. The website gives an overall view of all the information and is easily accesible for potential clients and dealers. We created a look and feel for the website of Molens Taelman, a producer of wheat flower. We have created a refreshing new design without falling in stereotypes. It was quite the challenge to present a wheat flower producer in an original and refreshing new way. Scentarom produces flavours and aromas. We created the look and feel of this website. This was quite the challenge for us because it is quite difficult to put aromas and flavours into words. We created the look and feel for the Ward Simoni website, an interior architect. We let his creations play the lead role and created a special stage. We have created a provocative but still classy newsletter for the Erotische Verbeelding, a perfect way to keep all their clients up to date! The Canvas Newsflash keeps you in touch with all the new activities and programs of Canvas. Open Doek keeps you informed on all their moves with their newsletter. They use Expresso to send newsletters. If you would like to keep your finger on the action, then you have to subscibe to the ECLR Newsletter. ECLR uses Expresso to send newsletters. You can also send an E-invitation, to invite everyone to your big event, just like ARVO did. We have created the house style and outdoor graphics for the SHOP2RUN shops. 2 New concept stores for all your sporting goods and sports equipment. We have created an entirely new house style and online Design Manual for the De8. We have integrated the most important aspect in our creation and that is attention for diversity. The online Design Manual helps and guides the client through the new house style and explains how the house style works. We have also created an entirely new house style and online Design Manual for Hannibal. Hannibal organises special vacations for children with fysical and psychological handicaps. We have created a logo for European Datacomm's new productline "Carcontroll". The VRT asked us to redesign a new logo for the Eurosong (and Eurosong for Kids / Junior Eurosong) competition. The online Design Manual explains how to use the logo's. We have created an entire house style for The Bridge Group s.a. We have created an entire house style for Objectief, an association for equal rights. We were contacted by BeMedia to create an original house style for the town of Alken. We have created a very flashy logo for the production house 3Pees. We've made a brochure for the celebration of 10 years humane and respectful treatment of asylum seekers in FEDASIL Kapellen. You can find more information inside the brochure on a Music CD and DVD. We have created a small newspaper for Serax, a company that creates an interior home line that is affordable for everyone. We have created a brochure and CD-Rom for Muziekzaken. A brochure called " Muzieksubsidiewijzer", about allowances for musicians in Flanders. You can find inside the brochure more information on a CD-Rom. We were contacted by Ogilvy Events to create a Brand Book for ING. A book where you could find all the values of ING. We have created a brochure for "Stuurgroep Van Peteghem Orgel". A brochure for a walk through the 18th century of Ghent with Mozart. We created a brochure and poster for de8, where we announced a reporting point for problems in schools, this service is for students and parents only. We opted for a very colourful approach so people would feel at ease to talk about their problems. We have created a flyer for the pont and plas invitation. A very sober but still classy design for a jewellery exhibition flyer. This brochure is made to announce the school plays of 2006 and 2007. A very playful and colourful approach was used to announce these plays. This design was created to influence people to become more environment friendly. This visual stimulates people to opt in the near future for a re-usable bag. This poster was created to summon people! The combination of red, white and black is a combination that catches the eye of people passing by. This brochure was created to help people find their way in the music sector. We have integrated the music note in our design to make a clear link with the music sector. We have created a poster for Let's go, the organisation for transport and international logistics. The poster visualises the logistical and transport process. Het Sociale van Cultuur is a book that gives a quick and colourful review of the local culture-system and public spirit. DVD Magazine Gespot is a magazine that is being distributed freely by Open Doek. A magazine where you can find the latest news on dvd's in an original package. Onbetreden Paden is a book about the baby boom generation and their future cultural leisure activities. The design of the book is very light-hearted and easygoing. The tulip in antwerp is a book by Ronald van der Hilst. This book portraits its passion for the tulip. Our design for the book blended in with the atmosphere created around the tulip. A not so ordinary cookery book needs a not so ordinary design and that is what we did for "Backstage Kitchen" nominated for the Plantin Moretus Price. De Erotische Verbeelding needed a catalogue so we designed a catalogue with al the ingredients for a steamy read-through We have created the packaging for Baton Rouge for small clothing. Beside a new house style we created the packaging for goldsmith Wim Meeussen. The design is very strict and classy so it would not steal any attention away of the present inside. We designed packaging for Ronald Van der Hilst with an emphasis on tulips. Our content management systems (CMS) allows you to edit your website online in real-time. A CMS facilitates the organization, control, and publication of a large body of documents and other content, such as text and images. With the online web editor you can edit your website as and when you please. This can all be done online without having to contact your webmaster. Being able to edit your website from anywhere in the world... whether you're in the office, at home or in another country. With our CMS you are in charge of your websites content 24/7. Important websites are best hosted and maintained by the people who created the site. In case of any problem, they are the people who can help you best. We use servers connected directly to the Internet backbone. If you are looking for a high-speed connection and 100% connectivity - and when your business relies on the Internet - you can't have slow connections or your customers experiencing downtime on your servers. We offer a true 99.9% uptime on the servers and daily back-up of website and data. Expresso is a webbased marketing tool that allows users to create and sent electronic newsletters fast and easy. Expresso offers real-time statistics in order to create an overview of all the send newsletters. In addition, this powerful e-mail tool can track which subscribers have read the e-mails, how many times they have read the e-mails and which links they have clicked. With a minimum of input you can develop an accurate relation database so you can send accurate e-mail campagnes. Expresso is available for the price of 46,00 euro a month and that for an unlimited number of mailings. Fifty One Fine Art Photography, Stephan Vanfleteren and Undercast joined their forces for the creation of an unique and temporary artwork that will make a symbolic contribution to the 0110-campaign, that aims for more tolerance in every day life. The photograph, made by the established photographer Vanfleteren, will be reshaped into a collage by the graphic design studio Undercast. The artwork will be exhibited from October 1st 2006 onwards at Fifty One Fine Art Photography in Antwerp. Visitors and passers-by can see it from far away (corner Kleine Koraalberg and Zirkstraat).Expresso is a new webbased marketing tool to quickly and easily make up, manage, publicize and send the newsletter to clients, relations, prospects, a.o. Expresso is available for the price of 46,00 euro a month and that for an unlimited number of mailings. This cookery book was nominated because of its revolutionary approach to cooking. How can a cookery book shock these days? Well, it can shock with a minimum of photographs. The book leaves the reader to its own capacities. No photograph that can tell you whether your dish is a visual success. Stress free cooking comes to mind? Since its first edition in the year 2000, the annual Web Design Index has developed into one of the most important publications in its field. Year after year, it gives an accurate overview of the state of the art in web design. Undercast websites have been several times mentioned in the annual Web Design Index's. Undercast is a member of Feweb ("Federation for web developpers") FEBELGRA, the federation that represents the Belgian printing and graphic industry. They are the representative professional association of businesses in the printing and communication sector. Febelgra's main objective is to represent and defend their interests. Visit the Febelgra site Dexigner is the leading online information service for designers and artists. Visit the Dexigner Design Portal un'dercast bvba Lange Koepoortstraat 52 2000 Antwerp, Belgium T. +32 (0)3 449 83 70 Download a printable roadmap (pdf) links: http://www.feweb.be http://www.deepfocus.be http://www.grafischontwerper.be http://www.viasat.nl http://www.viasat.be http://www.scentarom.com http://www.kels.be http://www.edchq.com http://www.edctrack.com http://www.sectrack.be http://www.cosyns.be http://www.annekurris.com http://www.erotischeverbeelding.com http://www.eclr.nl http://www.drafabgreen.be http://www.b-bverhulst.com http://www.dagbladmuseum.be http://www.febelgra.be http://www.dexigner.com http://www.de8.be http://www.basilekids.be http://www.ottimomen.be http://www.opendoek.be http://www.canvas.be http://www.feminalingerie.be http://www.mooov.behttp://www.serax.com un'dercast web design - unify - graphic design - grafisch ontwerp - portfolio - responsive websites - Logo's & Corporate Design - newsletters - brochures, posters & flyers - books & magazines - content Management - webhosting - expresso - mail marketing - vodcast - undercast - illustratieve vormgeving - reclamevormgeving - web design - graphic design - grafisch ontwerp - grafisch ontwerpbureau provincie stad antwerpen Als jong en dynamisch ontwerpbureau garandeert Undercast innovatie en kwaliteit. Met passie en gedrevenheid vertalen wij uw wensen in overtuigende ontwerpen. Zo dragen wij zorg voor uw imago. Bij ons kan u terecht voor uw grafische ontwerpen alsook voor uw web design . We zijn tegelijk graag uw rechterhand bij de technische realisatie van uw website. Onze stijl ontdekt u verder in het portfolio. Portfolio Logo's & huisstijlen Drukwerk (Brochures, flyers & verpakkingen) Boeken & magazines Affiches Websites & content management E-mail marketing Video Diversen Webservices Content management U zoekt een goede manager voor uw content? Dan is CMS, content management systeem, precies wat u nodig heeft. Geen zorgen meer over HTML of andere technische codes. Dankzij onze eenvoudige systemen kan u zelf uw content publiceren en vernieuwen. Webhosting Wil u uw plaats veroveren op het wereldwijde web, dan bieden wij u graag de nodige webruimte aan. We garanderen u een snelle verbinding en een dagelijkse update van uw data en website. Bij ons krijgt u eveneens gedetailleerde informatie over de bezoekers van uw website. Domeinnamen Wanneer u een nieuwe website wil lanceren, moet u eerst en vooral een geschikte domeinnaam of URL reserveren. Of uw gewenste domeinnaam nog vrij is, kan u controleren met onderstaande domain name checker. Expresso / E-marketing / Online nieuwsbrieven Expresso is een webbased marketing tool waarmee u snel en eenvoudig elektronische nieuwsbrieven kan opmaken en versturen. Op elk moment van de dag kan u een overzicht van alle verstuurde e-mailcampagnes opvragen. Bovendien kan u met Expresso nagaan welke abonnees de e-mails hebben gelezen, hoeveel keer ze die hebben gelezen en welke links ze hebben aangeklikt. Met een minimale input ontwikkelt u op die manier een accuraat relatiebestand waardoor u doelgericht e-mailcampagnes kan versturen. Contact Bent u geïnteresseerd in één van onze diensten? Hebt u vragen of opmerkingen? Contacteer ons dan vrijblijvend. Lange Koepoortstraat 52 2000 Antwerpen België tel. +32 (0)3 449 83 70

undercast boekontwerp

We verzorgden het ontwerp en de opmaak van divers (geïllustreerde) boeken en magazine's waaronder kookboeken voor jong en oud (Plantin Moretus nominatie - Back Stage Kitchen) en deed het volledig ontwerp, opmaak en begleiding voor Farefelu magazine (verschijnt 9 keer per jaar). Voor Cultuur Lokaal gaven we het boekontwerp een extra dimensie door het meestal saai en droge aspect van een werkboek in een moderen, fris en heldere vormgeving te steken.